Valentine’s Salsa and Disco Party

February 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

14th of February.. ahhh… the red, the sweet, the mooshy… Paradise for gift stores… and great excuse to party 🙂 The “in-love Saturday” was celebrated in a completely new venue for salsa parties – Gospodarsko razstavišče. That is one huge place, where probably for the first time, noone could say it was too crowdy 😉 Buba gave us two floors, one with salsa rhytms and one in disco spirit. That is why some outsiders joined the party as well – which is a good thing of course!
As usual big salsa parties give us exciting show program and this one was no different. We saw 5 shows, which you can see in this short clip (shows are a bit cropped, since I had to squeeze them in 10 minutes only) 🙂

It was great seeing the disco-salsa performance on a salsa stage finally (great job guys – especially the newcomers to Buba Show Team); I’m happy to see kizomba slowly reaching Slovenia (though this was the first time I saw it done coupleless); Donia and girls from Croatia – hats down (boy were you synchronized); La Luna is getting better and better with each show they make and those sexy oriental dancers… uh,.. hot’n’spicy.. as always 🙂
And a big thank you to Tjaša for the clips. Great angle 🙂

Salsa Power edition will continue with party spirit in Spring, when Salsa Flower Party shall take place. But we’ll write about that some other time. 🙂

Now go put on a costume and go party!! We have to chase this winter away…


Salsa Christmas party tonight!

December 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

In the last month we were overflodded with Christmas parties… of course… It’s that time of the year. 🙂 Tonight we’ll be having the last one for this year, I think. In the organisation of sports and recreation center BU-BA, Salsa christmas party will take place in Klub CD (Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana), starting at 21h. Naturally, you will be able to see some shows (including Dulce Locura!!!), you’ll get a free welcome drink, midnight champaigne etc. Since the tickets are sold out, I guess it should turn out quite ok 🙂
This month all slovenian salsa dance schools organized their Christmas parties.. and just to get you in the feeling of how that looks like.. on the dancefloor.. here’s an example from Bolero’s salsa party:

Hehe… guys,… with all those girls… you still have to dance with eachother?! 😉  🙂

C u all tonight!

Athens… Olympic! What else can I say..

December 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

Ok, everyone already knows I was in Athens,… and almost everybody I know was there 🙂 Well, not all, but still,… Athens felt like a general reunion of all salseros I have ever met on any congress. Plus a couple of thousand of new ones. 😉

This was a super-sized festival. Everything was exaggerated – in a good way. First the line up. If I had to add anyone else on that list I don’t know who would it be (SDS couldn’t make it, otherwise even they would be added). There were just all currently top and most wanted instructors and performers. Crazy!! Eddie Torres, Yamulee, Swing Guys, Tito&Tamara, Tropical Gem, Susana Montero, Leon Rose, Magna, Flamboyante, Neeraj&Gosia, U-tribe,  Hacha Y Machete, Albert Torres as moderator and … Ok, I can’t name them all… there were just to many. But I have to mention Supermario of course :), the co-organizer,.. and Todos and Maria the organizers of the 1st Todo Latino Salsa Festival.. Though I would rename the festival in Todo Loco Salsa Festival, if it was up to me 😉
Second fascination were the live bands!!! Oh my god. Imagine New swing sextet and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico on the stage and 2.000 dancers dancing under that huge stage?! Simply WOW! The music was PHENOMENAL!! You could just listen and enjoy it as much as dancing on it. (I don’t have to stress, that this time the songs they played were not 20 -30 minutes long, but only 3-4 min each!). And how do you squeeze 2.000 dancers in one venue? Well, you rent an Olympic stadium of course… what else?!
Yeah… I still can’t believe the super-sized things that were there.
Did I mention parties were on till 8am? No, correction,.. they actually ended at 8.30… which was the time for performers to do their rehearsal for the night shows. 2 hours of shows each night!!! Plus the competition!

Ok, so many data,.. I have to organize a little bit this review, otherwise no one will understand anything.

Where does the soul derive from?
Maybe I should start with a negative critique, cause positive are obviously countless.
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Me love Zagreb :)

November 25, 2008 § 3 Comments

The party on Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Luis and Melissa have the best energy and… well, the atmosphere in Zagreb is always so relaxed, friendly and fun. 🙂 We came to the party rather late (it’s very easy to get lost in Zagreb, so what?!) but the floor was already warmed up for us and we were actually  just on time for the shows. One local group performed hiphop routine (there was a loooot of them) and Luis and Melissa did their crazy spinning-changing costumes-going all wild routine (I already saw that show 2 years ago, but still, it was good). What I liked the most, were the few spontaneous moments, when Hrvoje danced with Melissa and Luis danced bachata with another girl (sorry, I don’t know her name). That was impressing! For real.. what an improvisation of the 4 of them. I totally enjoyed staying in the circle that formed around them, just watching. Bravo I say to them!
I also got a public birthday wish (thank you Nataša for organising it and Ricky for wishing it 🙂 ), the salsa jam kinda didn’t go through though (that’s a wierd word combination..). But I really appreciate and charish the kindness you guys showed. Love u all! 🙂
Nataša is actually a very dear friend from Zagreb, which was polite enough to publish her clip of Luis and Melissa freestyling on Friday night (I think) and allowed me to post it here. So straight from the hot croatian dancefloor, we present Luis and Melissa: 🙂

And congratulations to the organisers: Tajana, Ricky, Jelena, Hrvoje.. who else was involved?! 🙂 You did a great job. I heard the classes were absolutely fantastic as well. I liked when I heard Melissa did a ladies styling class for three levels of dancing, all in one class. Impressing.

Oh, I almost forgot! Stressed as confused as i am, I managed to loose my car keys in the Spoon party place. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tajana for finding it and sending them back to me! And Robi for searching, Varja for bringing them to Slovenija and of course Danijel for taking me home that night and keeping me warm ;). Oh yes,.. eternaly grateful to all of you guys. That would not be pleasant, if nobody found them.. and cold! Phew…

SalsaZone Fever with Luis and Melissa

November 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

What a great date to start a festival 🙂 21st of November! 🙂
Today is the official day of the start of SalsaZone Fever event, which takes place in Zagreb. Guest foreign techers are well known Luis&Melissa, who will teach students on intermediate/advanced level. The best thing, as usual, are the parties of course.

Whoever reads this, and comes to the party tomorrow night – one dance and one drink are on me! 🙂



5th Salsa Power Festival

October 16, 2008 § 2 Comments

Well, what’s there to say… With a few-days delay I can slowly start gathering my impressions. It was simply superb! From parties, to classes, to socializing … Thanx to all that came and made my weekend! 🙂
To start with, I guess it’s most appropriate to say Dulce Locura premiered their new show. We worked our asses and will of course keep improving it ;)… but this time we finally came out with salsa… or salsa musicality… whichever you want. Here’s the clip:

Now, let’s sum up the best classes, shows etc.:
– Supermario and Susana Montero were sold out of course (meaning their classes were full) … and completely justified, cause they have the best teaching methods, great ideas and most of all amazing energy!
– Orville and Sabrina did some crazy tricks, the master class was too challenging even to the best social dancers on the scene!!
– Loved Nemanja’s classes,… I mostly respect people who know a lot of dance theory, present it in an entertaining way and make you understand the dance. And I did the son!! Yeeey… (thank you, thank you) 🙂
– Israel was in his own element, giving fun workout classes 😉
– The most spectacular shows of course were form Salsation group. That is showmaking… Entertaining, synchronized,.. simply WOW!
– We saw some premiers as well, from Dado and Conny (putting a show together in two weeks – hat down), Talal and Maria (Talal doing a partnerwork show,… nice, nice.. :))… The belly dancers were hot and sexy of course..
– We also had the two World championship qualifiers: Evgeni&Lili and Gil&Anke… You can see they train and work hard. Both are very explosive, tight, musical, have the attitude, really great. We’ll be crossing fingers for you guys… and congratulations for the qualifications. Many may not know, but that is really hard to win!
– Oh, let’s not forget: the DJs were great! Good music selection… the Indian people even got some bachata 😉


4 on 4… instructors vs. organizers.. poor Gil! 😉

Side-effects of the festival:

– … besides being burned out, blistered and heavenly happy 🙂 …
– The myth is confirmed: Sunday night parties ARE the best!! Why? Hm,.. maybe cause instructors totally relax, act like kids and all,… cause everybody is warmed up, has improved its dancing and cause we all just want to catch the last moments of the weekend.
– We missed salseros and fans on Friday night party, … Saturday was packed though!
– Apparently the food in Slovenia is shitty and the safest food is McDonald’s… right….
– I wasn’t able to attend the afterparty (everyone has his limits I guess), but I heard it was good .. lasted till 7am! Crazy people.

For everything else, the aftermovie shall be made. Don’t miss it. Cause I have a feeling it might be fun! 😉 And if you missed the festival this year, don’t do the same mistake next year. October 2009, here we come!

Berlin salsa congress

September 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

Berlin salsa congress must be one of the biggest in Europe. It is very tricky to visit German salsa scene, because you never really know what you will get. But this one was simply superb. Very international, on a respectable dancing level and with an unforgettable after party. You rarely see almost all instructors stay for the last night, but here I left before they did! 🙂 Well, for those people who know me, you know I like to stay till the very end, but I guess this time i was stopped by higher force – early morning and trip back home (talking about car here!).

Let’s see what remained in my memory regarding the festival:
– overcrowded welcome party (the place was a bit small, but the vibe was nice)
– I admire and almost worship Ania and Tamambo – their show is great and so are the classes
– the ladies introduction was fun
– the classes I attended were mostly shines and styling classes and they were all good: from Susana Montero, Ania Chagowska to the one and only Magna Gopal. This was the first time I met this special lady and simply loooved her teaching methods, technique and social dancing. That’s musicality, I’m telling you.

– Saturday night gala party was packed with shows! Oh my God! If I was to know that, I would have reserved the seat. 3hour standing was no fun. And so were some shows, but some were reeaally spectacular! Incredible. I think I was most surprised (in a positive way) by Flamboyan dancers. I was screaming at their second performance (and even the first one was breathtaking). They have the best ideas, energy, music and synchronization. Shame, that they don’t speak English, otherwise the classes might be perfect as well.
– There were some other shows I really liked, like per example Yamulee, Salsa Dance Squad, Taiti&Cristel, Neeraj and Gosia etc.
– The best party however was Sunday night. Social dancing on 4 different floors, lots of people and the best moment: r’n’b & reggaeton turnover.. hehe… people just went crazy in that circle 😉
– I love theme parties (should have prepared for one of course); Saturday night was guys and doll’s 1920’s party 🙂 .. Aren’t these two cute  🙂 (yes, that’s in a metro station, so what?!)

– Now let’s go a little bit on the negative side: One of the biggest handicaps of the festival was the size of workshop venues. They seemed to be always overcrowded. And some lady stylings per example were put in the smallest hall, with the biggest crowd attending the class (we know how many women want to look good while dancing). I guess on that notion the organizers have some room for improvement 🙂 Well, it’s just that people were complaining a little bit.

Side-adventures of the festival:
– I figured people from India might be invading Europe. Everywhere you turn, you meet them lately 🙂 Which is good of course. They are great fun. And somehow I can mostly relate to their dance style (Magna, Neeraj,.. ok Mambo Panda too 😉 )  And we made new friends.. We loved the company of Tapas and Suman. And met old friends: Vineet and Shyam. I love the fact salsa family is so big and knows no borders!

– Driving to Berlin and back was challenging.. not to mention the break down of a car.. followed by another challenge: how to find Mercedes service in Leipzig
– Shocking news: no-one in Leipzig speaks English.. Hello?! My lousy weak German knowledge had to come out.. der, die, das… putting words together.. blah…
– A funny moment: during social dancing, one guy flipped my hand and baaang,.. it went straight into some poor guys face. I slapped him big time,.. it was my hand, but not my will! 🙂
– I had fun 🙂   🙂

If anybody is jobless this weekend, feels like dancing, but doesn’t really know where, is bored and in search of good time, go to Belgrade (Serbia). Salsa congress Serbia starts TODAY!!! 🙂

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