Boat and pool party

August 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

This was one hell of a weekend, characterized by salsa and water. Salsa on the water, salsa by the water, salsa in the water, … wherever you can imagine it. 🙂 Salsa Adriatica, a traditional yearly event on the boat, got accompanied by a pool party this year. And speaking from a personal point of view, the pool party was even better than the boat party. Both were great of course. 🙂

This is not like a typical salsa festival, because there are no classes… just fun, parties, dancing, swimming, laughing,… What could you see on this year’s Salsa Adriatica:
– beautiful weather during the day, and the stormiest storm ever in the night 
– rocky boat
– dizzy feeling in the evening (still feeling like dancing on the boat)
– pole dancing on the boat by Andrej Blatnik and some Italian brave-guys
– slippery floor by the pool (yes I fell, so what?!)
– blistered feet after the pool party
– great, fun animations by Leon and Martina
– rueda around the pool
– bachata train … with turns!
– a loooot of water splashing

And if you were with us in the apartment you witnessed:
– almost no sleep
– a lot of sleeping rooms, yet still squeezing on 2 beds only
– bottles nicely tucked in bed
– frozen drinks
– snoring!
– moskquito bites
– pancake cravings!!
– hill burger at 5am
– …

To cut a long story short – see some photos as well 🙂 🙂 And do not miss it next year!


The biggest Rueda in Slovenia

August 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

In this Olympic era, winning 5 some-unexpected medals, the dancing has been served as well. It was done in a true team spirit, with goals and records to brake.  We broke national Rueda record!! Yeeey! 😉  🙂
Rueda de Casino is an entertaining way of salsa group dancing. It is danced in a circle and characterized by constant changing of partners and extreme fun. Yesterday night Slovenian salseros joined together and danced the biggest Rueda ever danced in Slovenia. It was official and all… 122 registered people, meaning 61 couples, wearing colored ribbons, were rehearsing for a few weeks, synchronizing their Rueda knowledge and did it yesterday night at 23.30. The floor got too small of course, since innocent bystanders got really curious of what people are doing in the middle of Ljubljana and wanted to come closer 🙂 Here’s the first raw footage from yesterdays record braking 🙂

The Rueda was danced on regular Thursday night party, which is organized by BU-BA, sports and recreation center and Salsoteca, the first salsa dance school in Slovenia.

Salsa Adriatica 2008

August 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

The summer time is not as busy with parties as one would want to, but there are some which fall in the category of “It would be a sin to miss them”. The one that combines salsa, sailing, swimming and sunbathing sure fits there. It’s called Salsa Adriatica and takes place on the weekend of 22nd to 24th of August 2008. What does the weekend consist of? Let’s see:
– Friday night welcome party
– Salsa boat party on Saturday: sailing on a boat, dancing on the deck, stop&swim brakes, eating and drinking, live DJing, dancing, dancing, dancing…
– Saturday gala party with some shows and all that
– Sunday pool party from 3pm till 8pm: dancing by the pool, swimming, pool games, animation, live DJing, dancing, dancing, dancing…
– Sunday evening farewell party

You know what I love most about this parties – that you don’t have to wear makeup, high heels, pretty outfits… All you need is a comfy bathing suit, sunglasses and suncreme. And then you just dance, dance, dance… 🙂 🙂

Latino Americando in Milano

August 4, 2008 § 1 Comment

If you are one of those people who are wondering where to go for some quality latin music or just want to experience new things – here’s a special treat. Milano, the italian city seems to be the top place for latin spirit nowadays. From June 18th till August 18th there’s a festival called LatinoAmericando. This means there is a concert plus some other event happening in Milan each day for those 2 months. And we’re not talking about no-name concerts, instead there are Mark Anthony, Juanes, Andy Montanez, Segio Mendez, Gilbero Santa Rosa etc. The line-up is just amazing.
Many times I’ve heard salsa scene in Milan is awesome. I mean, you have Tropical gem, Luis&Melissa and similar people working there, how could it not be great?! So now came the time when we must see and experience this in person. The plan is to see the latin Pavarotti, Tito Nieves, on Saturday, 16th of August, and maybe even the carnival on the day before (they say at the end of traditional Italian Ferragosto, that is the most spectacular event). Hmmm … I can’t wait to see that. Let’s see the salsa scene in Milan and the most vivid Italian city, city of fashion and glamour, city of top world salseros… Uf, I’m already counting days. 😉

One of the first, one of the biggest – salsa festival in Hamburg

July 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

I’m totally excited today. Just got back from another crazy dancing weekend. This was a whole new and very precious experience for me. I expected the Hamburg festival to be big (and it was), but you never really know whether that brings quality or mess. I would like to start this review with a very special and inspiring experience:

Meeting Eddie Torres
I’ve only heard of this special guy, a salsa legend may I say, but meeting him and taking his classes was just soooo inspiring. Of course this man knows just about everything there is to know about salsa, but the best thing is, he likes to share all his knowledge. We had 3 classes in a row on Friday afternoon, some sort of special additional classes, plus a few more through the weekend and it seemed we only got a few tips from his broad knowledge. Yet, we worked heard, learned fast and got a few additions just to tape it. I mean it’s unbelievable what a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere those classes had. We did a lot of salsa on2, chacha and one of the coolest experiences – Pachanga!  (never done it before and it’s so much fun) 🙂 

At the end of each class, show program and any chance Eddie Torres got, he gave us some inspiring words, he shared his own experience and good wishes. I especially liked some of his statements, one of them being:

“There’s always been a lot of salsa dancing and never so much chacha. But to me cha-cha is like the bride and salsa the groom. So let’s join bride and groom together and enjoy them both.”
I couldn’t agree more, cause I always felt chacha has an even greater soul than salsa (no offense guys! 😉 )

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Salsa in Holland

July 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

I think it was 2 weeks ago (but who’s counting), when I spent a few days in Holland. It was a very exciting experience. I met some amazing people and attended a few salsa parties. Everything just confirmed one of my assumptions: Dutch dancers are really really good and the level of salsa social dancing in Holland is really high! You don’t dance on 1 there and you have regular parties which resemble our festival parties – regarding the show program and entrance fee that is 😉

Let’s see what happened and what we have learned:

Night Nr. 1: If you are an organizer you can repeat your show. But even if, don’t do it! Repeating never works!
The Friday night party somewhere near Utrecht (you can as well kill me, but I won’t remember the name of the place) was full, some good social dancing, nice LIVE music and show program. The Chocolate party was organized by Brian & Mechteld, the most succesfful Dutch couple I dare to say (they always win salsa competitions there). The name chocolate assumed people should wear those colors, the winning costume however, was made out of paper, chocolates are usually wrapped in. On that party Brian & Mechteld premiered a new show, in which they joined with second best Dutch couple. That’s actually really nice to see, that the eternal runner-ups join forces with winners (I have a feeling Slovenian people would not do that so easily). On a negative point, unfortunately, I must say, the show was not the biggest success. Apparently the wigs were in their way, but even after repeating (!!!) the show, the result was not as majestic as their name (they are called The Majestics). There were also some other performances, even guest couple from Sweden. They were kinda cute. 🙂

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Sea, Sun, Salsa, … Super Summer Salsa Festival

July 14, 2008 § 5 Comments

This month is so busy, I don’t even get a chance to keep you posted about all dancing events. Since I’ve missed reporting on half of them I will explain it in the next few days (hopefully), starting with the last, most cool and worth seeing event – Croatian Salsa Festival 2008 in Rovinj. That was 4 days of non-stop dancing, sweating, swimming and having fun! The heat was almost intolerable. And since the festival broke all records of participation this year, organizing a party indoor seemed madness. And it really was. After dancing one dance everybody ran out to catch some oxygen, wring clothes … when one came out of that dancehall it was like coming out of the ocean. Soaked! Of course we’re used to sweat at salsa parties, but this was on a higher level!
Still, this didn’t bother us too much. 🙂 The open-air party with live performance of Mercandonegro was awesome! Those guys really play good music – even though, again, dancing on live music completely exhausts you. I remember a few times after the song and dance finished I had to bend down and grasp for breath.
Most memorable experience of all, however, was the pool party. You don’t get that at every salsa festival. It’s something completely different, totally relaxed, sometimes it almost seems a bit dirty … 😉 I guess it reminds us of those trips students take at the end of their studies (at least in Slovenia).

The festival had rich workshop plan, since one could choose among 6 classes at the same time. The only problem was, that workshops venues were not on the same place and walking in that heat… No, thank you!

Here are my famous impression statements:
– Combination of sea, sun and salsa is the winning combination.
– I didn’t enjoy Saturday’s party as much, because it was simply too crowded.
– The Friday’s night concert was spectacular.
– I met some amazing people, especially the exotic threesome from India – You guys are really the best. Do not dare to miss the Slovenian festival! 😉

– My compliments to Farid, he is a great entertainer, animator, I liked his shine class and social dancing. Nice energy throughout.
– I also enjoyed Andrea’s reggaeton and ladies styling class, and of course the U-tribe tribute. R.elle is just a pleasure for the eyes! 🙂
– My roomates were the best, considering the crew, you can imagine we were never bored! 😉

– Did I mention we sweat a lot?!


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