Repetition of the routine

January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

It was kinda weird to see Tyce Diorio repeat his grammy award winning routine of a woman with breast cancer and her helping friend on the UK So you think you can dance show. After all, that is a show off for choreographers as well, so it is smart for them to glow as much as they can. People might take repetition too easy into account, the audience is very strict I think.
So was I in the beginning. I think the routine was improved in some parts and it was well executed, though it didn’t make me cry this time, cause all I was thinking was, why are we watching the same thing again. But in the judges round, Nigel explained it was this week, when Tyce found out his mother has cancer and he rushed home to see her. So, taking that into account, the story was as strong if not stronger than the first time. IT was his message to his mother that he is there for her and will be strong for her.


Salsa is improving on SYTYCD UK show

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Alex da Silva was one of the first choreographers on this show and I never liked what he choreographed (Ok, maybe with the exception of Benji&Heidi’s really fast mambo routine). So it was very refreshing to hear that Susana Montero will choreograph or at least be a part of making a salsa routine on UK version of SYTYCD. Here’s the clip of that show! I find it quite cool. Considering that Yanet is  a Cuban girl which applied as a salsa dancer on the show, well… in a way it should be good. 🙂

The UK version of SYTYCD

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I never finished writing about the end of the 6th season of US version of So you think you can dance show. I guess I was left a little bit dissapointed. In 5th season the finale was really grand and peeked at the right moment. Even than I noticed some flaws of going live, but that didn’t prevail. On the contrary, this year’s finale was a complete failure to me. Such a huge difference between live and pretaped part of the show. The live part really sucked, there was a lot of empty quiet moments, camera searching, not to mention the non-mic part. Even the drama of the results was worse than last year. Ok, I was among those people who wanted to see the married couple perform together as well, but it was all just a little bit too expected. I knew who the winner will be etc. etc. It was still worth seeing, but I guess it’s hard to please me after seeing all seasons by now.
So I took a little break from the show and watched a couple of Episodes of Dancing with the Stars, which was cool… but that’s not something I would be eager to see each week. It was a weekend mission for me and I was disappointed at the end, seeing the winner, who did not deserve to win.. He was a nice guy and all, but miles behind the best dancer there.
So now, I’m back to SYTYCD fever. I heard the UK version started and that sounds promising. A bit fresher, with new choreographers, so let’s see what happens. Nigel Lythgoe and Cat Deeley are the British people, who invaded America, developed the show there and now brought it back home. So, considering they come from here, I assume they might give some effort into making the show worthwhile.
I also just found out (via Facebook.. hehe) that Susana Montero is cooperating with the show, making a salsa routine, which excites me very much. I’m looking forward to seeing that, because I always found it frustrating that the salsa routines were made very ballroom like… Hopefully, this time we’ll see salsa with the right feeling :). So people, enjoy the So you think you can dance UK. The auditions presented some spectacular dancers. Let’s if they live up to our expectations 😉
Damn, I sound harsh… but that’s what blogging is all about, right 😉

The LXD project – Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

December 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Can dance take another dimension? After it was born on the streets, reborn in reality shows, after it flooded the Youtube… can dance really become a totally new online experience? Wow, the trailers I saw are amazing. I don’t know exactly what they are promising, but they are teasers with a capital T. The Legion of Extraordinary dancers performed in the SYTYCD reality shows and blew the roof of Kodak studio away. This is technically superb dancing, completely out-of-the-box choreography and obviously strong emotional stories behind it. I am excited to see what will happen in 2010. It looks so promising and I got a feeling it might be a special treat for my hungry dancing soul.  

This is a clip from SYTYCD sneak peek performance:

John M. Chu, the writer and director of the project, describes it as a very supernatural yet human and a bit of a sci-fi project, calling dancers a superheroes: “No special effects, no wires, this is real people, with real powers. This is not a reality show, this is a ground-breaking epic on-line adventure.”  Just check out this official trailer and you will see what I’m talking about:

The dreadful salsa on SYTYCD

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I’m sorry to say so, but yes, the salsa that Mollee and Nathan performed was absolutely dreadful! Horrible, feelingless, sexyless, hotless, musicless, hopeless. I know very well Mollee is Adam’s favorite and I was astonished seeing them dance up untill this week. They have great technique and did some good performances by now… but salsa was faaaaaaaaaaaar away from that. My guess is, that proves two things:
– first, it’s not easy to learn salsa in 3 days, get the right feel and motion of it
– second, you got to be a mature person to really get it

I think it really showed that this guys are just to young for the show. Because we often hear the dancers need to show a certain amount of maturity, but these two really don’t. They’re cute and adorable, which shouldn’t really work here.

But to my great surprise, shock almost, they got through! They got through without bottom 3! That was completely unfair. They fairly deserved that bottom position this week, everybody thought so, but what do you know… the teenagers are the main voters of the show… and they like them… or him. Eh… not fair. I’m still not liking this season so much. I think it’s fair to say it’s not as good as the previous was. But there’s still time for improvement 🙂

I’m not sure if it’s worth showing this.. but maybe, just to see what I really mean by the above description: 😉

I liked the disco, contemporary and african jazz routines though. Especially the latter!! Awesome stuff:

Is SYTYCD becoming a reality pageant?

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Finally I’m up to date with 6th season of So you think you can dance (the US version). It blew me away when I saw the first show, when Top 20 performed in their own styles. It was hard to imagine the quality could get even better and that this quality can be versitile as well. What makes the show so extraordinary this year though is the Kodak theatre. I was blown away at last season’s finale, but this time the whole season is shot there! OMG! It really is an OMG for an event manager by proffesion 🙂 I can only dream of making an event in this kind of studio, with that kind of equipment, with every weeks trailers, huge displays, lighting and ecellent directing of all. This people really know how to make a show, so it always looks extravagant. Just look at this clip:

I know the dancers and choreography are good, but did you see the disco lights and that pointed black&white image at the very end?! Chicken skin all over… 🙂

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SYTYCD Canada is ON!!!

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Seeing the American version (or let’s rather say original) for five seasons in a row it makes you a bit spoiled. All you see from the American dancers is pure perfection, so one becomes very critical. So was I, seeing the 2nd season of Canadian version of So you think you can dance reality show. If I look back it might resemble the 1st or 2nd season of american original as well. There were some good numbers and quality dancers, but overall we saw quite a few mistakes on the stage; we saw fear and insecurity; and we saw some pretty crapy criticisms. Let’s be fair. The americans say it like it is, the Canadians say it to motivate and inspire. I’m not saying everything was soooo bad, I’m just saying it was not as good as we got used to. I saw some shaky legs, missed lifts, missing technique…. and a lot of ballroom!! The US show has a lot of contemporary (I guess Mia might have sth to do with that), thus Canadian show has a lot of ballroom (I guess Jean Marc might have sth to do with that) ;). And ballroom is not easy for a ballet dancer per example. Anyways, I really enjoyed the African jazz routine and Stacey’s contemporary peace. It was interesting to see capoiera show, but other than that I was not jumping up and down. Which won’t make me stop watching of course. 🙂 I think all this dancers will grow during the show and by the time we reach finale, I think there will be some awesome dancers on that stage. Can’t wait to see that.
I tried to find an up-to-date link on youtube, but was not able unfortunatelly, so for now I’m only adding a part of Top 20 results night with some nice solos.

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