Only 16 left

June 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

America had a rough night yesterday. The pressure and feeling that somebody will have to leave the show, is not too pleasant. The results show started with amazing group routine choreographed by Shane Sparks.

Then came the results. People voted and Cat Deeley revealed 3 bottom couples from Top 18 show. Here are the names and links to their performances (the ones they were judged on):
Chelsea & Thayne (I hope it wasn’t because of their costumes)
Susie & Marquis (they danced SALSA, but as a latin dancer Susie got a lot of critiques)
Comfort & Chris (Cat was holding up a sign, saying Chris is not a tree… well, see for yourself :))

Each of the bottom dancers had to perform solo to save their life. After a short brake judges have reached the decision and eliminated Susie and Marquis. That salsa was obviously not good enough. Since we are salsa dancers let’s think about it – was that really that bad? No, especially when you think they only have a few hours to get the choreography, synchronize and perform it. This is just a proof of how tough this competition really is. The judges and people are getting stricter each year, but on the other hand, the dancers are getting better as well.

Dancing production in BU-BA
If we move from States to Slovenia, just a quick info, that yesterday BU-BA had it’s own ‘We think we can dance show’. 😉 A yearly production, where all students perform and show what they have learned in past year. The evening was packed with shows. We had a lot of salsa groups, swing dancers, sexy belly dancers, new rising star La luna dance group. In addition, Dulce locura performed the Sway routine again and, believe or not, after a looong break, BU-BA show team appeared with a new show! Crazy ha,.. well, I’ll try to put some clips on asap, till than enjoy the real So you think you can dance 😉


Spicy guyz show

January 6, 2008 § 1 Comment

Girls you better sit down for this one. Our 4 guys (Jure, Aleš, Domen and Luka) ALLOWED me to take a quick photo of them. Spicy, ha?! 😉 It was taken seconds before they came up on stage and performed an intense tango routine. Guys only, yes!!! And then there was another performance with salsa flavour, where I had a special priviledge to join them. Yeeeey … 😉

Spicy tango guys

Salsa on 65th wedding anniversary

December 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

We had a special mission yesterday. Bu-Ba show team performed on a celebration of 65 years of marriage!! I have no idea how that wedding is called, something past gold and diamond I guess, but it’s sooooo nice to hear that people are joined together for so long. 🙂 I must say both stars of the night looked fabulous, especially the lady was running around all the time. We couldn’t be happier than to perform for Masha’s charming grandparents.

Cha cha performance in Murska Sobota.

Like all live performances one can always expect miner difficulties. Like missing a CD player for example (how a band has no CD player is beyond my understanding). And then getting a substitute radio, which can’t read our CDs. The beauty of it, however, is discovering this on the stage. 🙂


But still, grandpas loved our shows and we enjoyed it as well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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