Christmas Salsa Party

December 31, 2008 § 2 Comments

Wow,.. Klub CD (in a very traditional cultural venue of Ljubljana – Cankarjev dom) is the best place for salsa parties. The atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal and just the fact the party was sold out days before, gives you an approximate feeling on how much people like and want to attend it. The welcome drink and champaigne at midnight made it a bit more personal and holidaylike, while the show program gave a special touch to it.
We (performers) were all a bit dissapointed due to some technical problems with some of our shows (music went it’s own way from time to time) but overall all performers had fun on stage.

I have to dedicate this article to a new performance of Dulce Locura, which was this time performed only as a duo. Maja and me wanted to bring something new and fresh on Slovene salsa scene.. and we wanted to show more than 1-2-3, 5-6-7 count dancing. We did this lyrical stuff, which was meant to fit in the category of latin jazz. So we added some bachata, tango and chacha moves to jazz and contemporary feeling. The song we chose is very strong itself, so our dancing wanted to show a story as well (that’s why it’s lyrical 🙂 ).
The story is not complicated, but I think it relates to all of us. Each and every one of us carries some shadows (or is followed by them), which have different effects on our lives. Some go by very unnoticed, some complicate our lives to an extrem, but with some we just learn to get by and live with. So this is our life story and a message, harmony makes everything so much easier. We strongly hope the show will touch even more people and we promise to keep up with our work, to grow even further and bring new stories, styles and experiences on the stage. We love this art and luckily we are starting to understand it. 🙂

Happy New Year to all faithful readers!! This show is dedicated to you, we did it with great passion and determination.

We’ll be seeing you in January 2009. Lots of warm wishes, hugs and kisses to all!


Salsa Christmas party tonight!

December 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

In the last month we were overflodded with Christmas parties… of course… It’s that time of the year. 🙂 Tonight we’ll be having the last one for this year, I think. In the organisation of sports and recreation center BU-BA, Salsa christmas party will take place in Klub CD (Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana), starting at 21h. Naturally, you will be able to see some shows (including Dulce Locura!!!), you’ll get a free welcome drink, midnight champaigne etc. Since the tickets are sold out, I guess it should turn out quite ok 🙂
This month all slovenian salsa dance schools organized their Christmas parties.. and just to get you in the feeling of how that looks like.. on the dancefloor.. here’s an example from Bolero’s salsa party:

Hehe… guys,… with all those girls… you still have to dance with eachother?! 😉  🙂

C u all tonight!

Boat and pool party

August 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

This was one hell of a weekend, characterized by salsa and water. Salsa on the water, salsa by the water, salsa in the water, … wherever you can imagine it. 🙂 Salsa Adriatica, a traditional yearly event on the boat, got accompanied by a pool party this year. And speaking from a personal point of view, the pool party was even better than the boat party. Both were great of course. 🙂

This is not like a typical salsa festival, because there are no classes… just fun, parties, dancing, swimming, laughing,… What could you see on this year’s Salsa Adriatica:
– beautiful weather during the day, and the stormiest storm ever in the night 
– rocky boat
– dizzy feeling in the evening (still feeling like dancing on the boat)
– pole dancing on the boat by Andrej Blatnik and some Italian brave-guys
– slippery floor by the pool (yes I fell, so what?!)
– blistered feet after the pool party
– great, fun animations by Leon and Martina
– rueda around the pool
– bachata train … with turns!
– a loooot of water splashing

And if you were with us in the apartment you witnessed:
– almost no sleep
– a lot of sleeping rooms, yet still squeezing on 2 beds only
– bottles nicely tucked in bed
– frozen drinks
– snoring!
– moskquito bites
– pancake cravings!!
– hill burger at 5am
– …

To cut a long story short – see some photos as well 🙂 🙂 And do not miss it next year!

The biggest Rueda in Slovenia

August 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

In this Olympic era, winning 5 some-unexpected medals, the dancing has been served as well. It was done in a true team spirit, with goals and records to brake.  We broke national Rueda record!! Yeeey! 😉  🙂
Rueda de Casino is an entertaining way of salsa group dancing. It is danced in a circle and characterized by constant changing of partners and extreme fun. Yesterday night Slovenian salseros joined together and danced the biggest Rueda ever danced in Slovenia. It was official and all… 122 registered people, meaning 61 couples, wearing colored ribbons, were rehearsing for a few weeks, synchronizing their Rueda knowledge and did it yesterday night at 23.30. The floor got too small of course, since innocent bystanders got really curious of what people are doing in the middle of Ljubljana and wanted to come closer 🙂 Here’s the first raw footage from yesterdays record braking 🙂

The Rueda was danced on regular Thursday night party, which is organized by BU-BA, sports and recreation center and Salsoteca, the first salsa dance school in Slovenia.

Only 16 left

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America had a rough night yesterday. The pressure and feeling that somebody will have to leave the show, is not too pleasant. The results show started with amazing group routine choreographed by Shane Sparks.

Then came the results. People voted and Cat Deeley revealed 3 bottom couples from Top 18 show. Here are the names and links to their performances (the ones they were judged on):
Chelsea & Thayne (I hope it wasn’t because of their costumes)
Susie & Marquis (they danced SALSA, but as a latin dancer Susie got a lot of critiques)
Comfort & Chris (Cat was holding up a sign, saying Chris is not a tree… well, see for yourself :))

Each of the bottom dancers had to perform solo to save their life. After a short brake judges have reached the decision and eliminated Susie and Marquis. That salsa was obviously not good enough. Since we are salsa dancers let’s think about it – was that really that bad? No, especially when you think they only have a few hours to get the choreography, synchronize and perform it. This is just a proof of how tough this competition really is. The judges and people are getting stricter each year, but on the other hand, the dancers are getting better as well.

Dancing production in BU-BA
If we move from States to Slovenia, just a quick info, that yesterday BU-BA had it’s own ‘We think we can dance show’. 😉 A yearly production, where all students perform and show what they have learned in past year. The evening was packed with shows. We had a lot of salsa groups, swing dancers, sexy belly dancers, new rising star La luna dance group. In addition, Dulce locura performed the Sway routine again and, believe or not, after a looong break, BU-BA show team appeared with a new show! Crazy ha,.. well, I’ll try to put some clips on asap, till than enjoy the real So you think you can dance 😉

Crazy Salsa Christmas Party

December 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

You probably remember, I was showing off with those Salsa Christmas Party flyers with Dulce Locura, a few weeks ago. Yesterday, we performed three routines on that party (organized by Bu-Ba) in Festivalna dvorana … Yes, that was something … The biggest challenge wasn’t dancing though, it was changing costumes backstage!! 🙂
We already knew the venue will be great and both DJs (DJ Principe and DJ Panchito) will play good music, but you never know what the show program will bring, now do you 😉 Dulce Locura brought some different styles of dancing this time and to a big surprise of all – we introduced 3 new members: Anja, Nika and Luka. Yes, we have a male member now! And he choreographed most of the two group routines we did. So congratulations to Luka! Not to mention all the tricks he did in salsa routine 😉
Here are the clips of our performances and the one from crazy swing guys. Unfortunately I don’t have the clips of another great salsa performance by sexy ladies group Meneo. If anyone has the clips don’t hesitate and share them with us! 🙂

Meneo XMas salsa

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday. We had a great time performing for all the participants. Now let us wish you a great New Year Eve’s celebration! All the best in the next year, dance as much as you can or will and do come and see our shows again!
CHEERS!!!! 🙂

Dulce Locura after performance(s)

Before we part …

December 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

I just love this end-of-the-year or end-of-the-season events, where students show the mighty tricks they’ve learned in past months. It’s an exciting time for everybody, deciding what to wear, rehearsing at home, sending each other music and video clips, shaking of the nervousness … 🙂 And than the show starts! Last minute rehearsals in the wardrobe, forgetting almost anything, bumping into each other, last minute make up, trying to put on a tie 😉 etc. etc. And then getting on stage like it was the easiest thing in the world! Let’s just put on a fake smile and we won’t look so nervous. 😉 After the first few beats the majority starts enjoying themselves, although the adrenalin rush is on its peak.
Yesterday the students of sport and recreation center Bu-Ba showed some awsome tricks. We saw some hot belly dancers, hiphop team and a whole bunch of salsa students – from those first step salseros to advanced and club salsa. I’ve put a few cute and fun salsa moments into this movie.

Congratulations to all performers! It was really fun to watch what you’ve learned. After show program we all enjoyed some social dancing with the help of great DJing (by Aleš). I think the whole thing was a great way to celebrate salsa dancing and great friendships that are made this way. Hope you all enjoyed it!! 🙂

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