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December 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

Phew… I just got home from a multiple-hour training with Dulce Locura. The adrenalin level is still skyrocketing, so I imagine I won’t be able to sleep for another couple of hours. 😦 I’m sure everybody knows this feeling, working out before sleep and then being unable to actually fall asleep? Well, it was one hell of a training today. We worked our buts off! And the hardest thing was keeping the motivation level high… or at least on a reasonable level. But it’s like any job – we have deadlines to catch, so we can’t rest even if we’re dying too 😉 I’m proud of my girls though. They learned and worked like little ants … little loud ants!! And after three hours Maja and me finally let them go out and party. 🙂 If you want to see what in the world we were working so hard for, come and see us in Festivalna dvorana on Wednesday, 26th of December on a Salsa Christmas Party. There will be some other performances as well and, among all, crazy salsa dancing late into the night! C ya!!


Christmas salsa party

December 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

In case you haven’t checked your calendar lately, let me remind you, we’ve already come deep into December. Christmas celebrations are everywhere and everyday, cities are all light-up, stores are full of small and expensive gifts, … And we should slowly start thinking about, what we are going to do and where we’re gonna spend our Christmas and New Year’s eve.
Luckily, salseros need not worry, cause there will be a lot of salsa fiestas in Slovenia. 🙂 This Saturday the famous salsa parties in Laguna will be revived (organized by Salsoteca) and on 26th of December we’ll all have the opportunity to dance in the most beautiful Slovenian dance hall – Festivalna dvorana. Sports and recreation center Bu-Ba announces a big Christmas party.
What do we need to know about this party?
– it will present domestic and guest DJs (DJ Principe from Italy and DJ Panchito from Peru/Slovenia)
– it will give rich show program, with possible guest performances from abroad
– it has a DRESS CODE: dress to impress!! 🙂
Entrance fee: 9€ (12€ at the door)

Don’t hesitate just because you’re not from Ljubljana! This are big parties we’re talking about! 🙂 🙂

Salsa Christmas party flyer
** yes, yes,… Dulce Locura on the flyer. Download it, distribute it, watch it, enjoy it, come and see it. 🙂

Brussels Salsa Sunrise

December 4, 2007 § 4 Comments

Just got back from Brussels… the city of business. The city, where Slovenia will start its EU presidency in less then a month. The city of obviously bad weather periods! And the city of great SALSA FUN!!! In short, we saw a lot of salsa, but no sun!

A group of seven Slovenian salseros (Bu-Ba travel team :)) left cold Ljubljana on Friday afternoon and got to Brussels in a blink of an eye and at a fairly reasonable price. It was a bumpy ride but I guess we got what we paid for? We are still, however, devastated by the thought Wizzair will stop transporting Slovenian people to Belgium. Why in the world would they do that to us?!!

Well, getting to Jože Pučnik airport was quite easy, getting from Charleroi to Brussels center was quite another story. Thanks Talal for helping us out – we will surely get more prepared next time! I guess it ain’t such a bad idea to carry a map or something when you travel abroad. Despite us being so unprepared, we didn’t experience many difficulties, since all party places were in the heart of the city. Once you find the Boursse you’re there! All party places are there! All meeting points are there. Everything is there.

We went straight to the party, eager to start dancing. A lovely reunion with seriously funny and sometimes just serious Brussels instructor Talal Benlahsen promised a busy and fun weekend. And so it was. He took us to Biberium, the Friday-night party place, where everybody danced on 2! Yes, we Slovenian people are a little behind,.. not in trend.. loosers… We’re perfect on 1 and we trip on 2. But in the end we proved ourselves to be a fast learners. 😦

Saturday afternoon we attended 4 classes – 2 given by Leon Rose and 2 by Neeraj Maskara. We already saw them in Ljubljana on Salsa power festival. So there’s no need to emphasize and explain all the laughing periods that happened by Leon … and we stopped counting the broken arms after twisting them again and again.. and then going under that triple knot. Our smiling faces then soon turned into worried faces. Not that Neeraj wasn’t funny, but we began observing our body movement in the mirrors and naturally our smiles disappeared. OK, we got the footwork, but then to roll your shoulder back, do a diagonal wave with your chest, go left with your arms and don’t forget the footwork… Well, it’s a bit trickier. We loved the fact, thet Neeraj was circling between class participants durig the partnerwork class, cause that solved a lot of individual problems.

Gala Saturday night party. A lot of great dancers. A lot of great shows. Starting with Alex and Flo, who always amaze everybody with that back flip (Flo flips Alex!!), some local couples and groups, Neeraj and Gosia who are synchronized all the way to their little toe, the Leon Rose Project, a pleasure for all female eyes of course, and Talal’s solo performance – which was the only time, we really saw Talal dancing! We got kicked out of the Marriott hotel at around four o’clock and caught a little sleep before Sunday’s parties. The first one started at 15.00!! And it feels like it’s a casual night party. At 20.00 we moved to La Tentation, traditional Sunday night party, where people dance on 1! And on 2… and on 3… even on 4 and 5… some even in the same dance. Again we found some great dancers, but totally different from Friday or Saturday night. Only our Haitian friend was there, who was a real pleasure to dance with. On 2 of course…


We had an early Monday morning,… optimistically planning to do some shopping, sightseeing, meeting friends… As one can imagine, we spent more time discussing where to go, than to really do some stuff. In the end some of us almost missed the bus to the airport!! But just because we missed the metro to catch the tram who delivers you on time for the Wizzair bus. 🙂 Muchas gracias to that bus driver, who seemed a little pissed off, but drove us gently then despite all.

Overall we had a BLAST. Congratulations to Talal – the organization seemed flawless, the hospitality was on point and the dancing level was high and challenging enough. We will come again for sure!! 🙂

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