Group salsa trip to Bulgaria

March 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

17 salseros, people! That is an Absolutely fabulous experience. The cherry on the cream would be if the 18th salsero made it as well (cause that would mean 9 couples than 🙂 ). I’m talking about Bu-Ba travel team, the group of Slovenian dancers, who attended Bulgarian salsa festival last weekend (BG Salsa Weekend 2008). We had so much fun and I think we never fought, did we? We just enjoyed the whole weekend, full of dance and some sights.
Almost the whole group…

We left on Thursday morning,… ok almost afternoon… drove to Vienna, took a plane from there to Bulgaria and arrived in Sofia late night. We had to make a few stops on our way of course and if you travel with a group of salseros, making a stop means dancing at least two songs of Rueda de Casino!! 🙂  Not only on every petrol stop, but on airport just before boarding, before picking up the luggage and all other unusual places, which are often pretty crowded. So people get a free show,… some of them clap, some smile,  one security guy even taped us!

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Star chat with Alex&Flo

February 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

As you may already know, a bunch of Slovenian salseros are coming to 3rd Bulgarian salsa weekend in Sofia, which will take place from 14th to 16th of March. The organizers of this congress are Alex & Flo, nice couple, which we had a chance already to see and meet in Slovenia. They were one of the instructors on October’s Salsa Power festival. We noticed they are good dancers, they know crazy tricks and they are very likeable. Those are all the reasons I decided to invite them to a short chat. Meet Alex & Flo – if you’re not sure who is who, you can figure it out from the answers 😉  

Alex and Flo

1.When was the first time you danced salsa and how was it?
Alex: About 8 years ago, incidentally I went to a salsa party and I was fascinated. I did my very first steps and couldn’t stop since then
Flo: I am not sure about when exactly… probably like 10 – 12 years ago. It was great, I did other kind of dances before that and I was really enthusiastic about this new feeling salsa gave me

2. Where and when did you meet?
Alex&Flo: We had common friends and we have met long time ago, but salsa was the reason we became close and then one thing led to another and we got married J

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