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June 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

It kinda took me a while to publish some salsa news, but there are so many excuses for that. In my strong believe that late is still better than never I give you my review on Salsa flower Power now. 🙂 That Saturday was a total success. I didn’t attend classes (shame on me!) but I did hear they rose to all expectations. I did attend the party, however, and enjoyed like it was my first – in a good way that is. The new venue, Klub Cankarjevega doma, is just fabulous. The terrace and it’s view, the floor and ambient, everything meets the criteria of ‘What is top salsa place’. I was pleased to see so many foreign salseros, glad that they have finally figured out, that we do have good salsa in Ljubljana 😉 The party ended after 3 a.m. and continued in Tango bar on an after party. That one wasn’t empty either!

Every good salsa party needs show program and Salsa Flower Power introduced four great shows: Anke&Gil, Dado&Conny, Latina Bianca from Belgrade and a group of BU-BA students with their ever first performance. I think it’s only fair we give them a special place in this review. Congratulations to all! 🙂 🙂



Married with salsa and each other

May 8, 2008 § 3 Comments

Dado & Conny are a fun couple, which we had a pleasure to see in Slovenia before. They always bring special energy to their classes, make people laugh, their shows are getting better and better and we will see them again on 24th of May on Salsa Flower Power event. “Gold rush is coming to Ljubljana,” says Dado, who is answering the questions in the name of both (hm,… I wonder why) 😉
Up in Gradz the couple owns the “Conny & Dado” dance school, so they belong in the category of people, who managed to join business and pleasure – in salsa. 🙂


Irena: Hey guys! I must say I’m really excited about you two returning to Slovenia. How do you feel about that?

Dado: Well, we are always glad to come back to Slovenia, ‘cause especially I feel almost like home there. I can teach on my mother language and nobody understands anything! Just great 🙂

Just kidding! I can release my Bosnian jokes, and people seem to like them… so I never stop to fool around 🙂 Poor Conny 🙂



Irena: I saw your new show in Zagreb and must say it’s really spectacular! As I see you try to work most with musicality? Why do you think musicality is so important in salsa?

Dado: Without music, there would be no dance probably. That says everything. The fact is, that the two of us can’t do it any other way but to the music, ‘cause the music tells you how you should move to it. You “just” need to listen…

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Salsa Especial in Zagreb

April 7, 2008 § 2 Comments

I guess we made it 🙂 We barely made it to be precise, but luckily the shows were postponed for a sufficient period of time, that even Bu-Ba travel team managed to come (thank you Vladi & Daniela!). This time there were 13 of us. We started of as 9 people, but then counted ourselves and discovered we have one extra. So we needed to take another car and 3 more people. No problem! Maja refused for a while, but didn’t have to be asked more than 3 times. Plus two more and we were off! GPS took us to Zagreb (the 9 people went with our familiar Judo van 🙂 – no time for rueda this time!) and we came to our goal… well, almost. We just had to find the right number. A friendly people from Zagreb suggested where we should search and than we just looked up and searched for music and moving bodies. We found it! 🙂
After another logistic complication – 13 people paying in €!! (another thanks for the patience and understandng to the organizers, Los mamberos) – we changed our shoes … and the shows started! 🙂

Ok, I’ll let you see some first … but than click Keep reading!

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