14th Nike convention in Ljubljana

March 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was a special weekend for all us freaks, who love the art of aerobics. 🙂 Yes, I call it art, cause it’s not easy to keep up with these world trends… it’s not easy to please the audiences… and it does require a kind of a creative soul to do it :P… But besides that, this is a fun piece of art. 🙂 I had a lot of fun this weekend, cause after a long time I got a chance to just enjoy the classes, not make and give them. I loved every single one of them. Ofcourse my number one stars were Jessica Exposito and Balazs Fuzessy. I was surprised to see myself jumping around even on the last class, cause normally one gets too tired to do the last class (there were only 50sth left of us) and the class was not the easiest one. But it was one of the best. Ah, it’s useless to say which was good and which wasn’t. They were all great. The only one I didn’t like was the football driven class from Marko Geršak. I’m sorry, this is my blog, so I can write open-hearted. I did’t like that one, it really lacked creativity. But everything else – pure perfection! 🙂 This year I kinda avoided the dancing hall and stuck to aerobic-one… I guess the level of the dancing is just a bit too high in that hall for me… My mind is not as fresh and fit for absorbing hiphop choreographies as it used to be. Though I know there were some awesome classes by Nikkie Riozzi, Larz Schuijling, Željko Božič etc. To keep the long story short – fabulous weekend and now it’s time for regeneration… Back to reality… Back to work 😉

This is a clip from yesterdays video report from 14th Nike day in Ljubljana:

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Nike aerobic convention this weekend

March 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

Once a year comes a weekend where all aerobic and dance junkies gather, sweat together and workout like maniacs. 🙂 This weekend experience is also known as Nike aerobic convention, since Nike brand is the official organiser of this event. This year is the 13th time in a row Nike is preparing it and Number 13 looks more promising than ever. We’ll see Tony Stone again and we know that, again, the venue will be too small for his classes (i’m sure we all remember that cool interview he gave a while ago? ;)); Than we have Daniel Baldi on the instructor’s list – I’ve heard a lot about him, apperently his choreographies are totally out-of-the-box, so I’m reeeaally looking forward to attend that; Jessica Exposito, a spanish aerobic star; Balasz Fuzessy, for all I know (and it already suffice), he produces good aerobic music mixes 😉 … and many more. So much to be looking forward to …
If you have never attended such a convention, imagine international salsa festival, with top world instructors and workout intensity times 500… so salsa x 500 = aerobic convention 😉 The difference is maybe in the program… we do 5 – 6 aerobic classes in a row on Saturday, and then repeat the day on Sunday… some even have the energy to get drunk in between. The result of those two days are completely blistered feet, a dozen rounds of wahshing dirty laundry, severe dehidration, stupid grin on our faces and wierd walking and sleeping poses for the next couple of days. In the end, naturally, we always say: “But it was worth it!” 🙂


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