The biggest Rueda in Slovenia

August 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

In this Olympic era, winning 5 some-unexpected medals, the dancing has been served as well. It was done in a true team spirit, with goals and records to brake.  We broke national Rueda record!! Yeeey! 😉  🙂
Rueda de Casino is an entertaining way of salsa group dancing. It is danced in a circle and characterized by constant changing of partners and extreme fun. Yesterday night Slovenian salseros joined together and danced the biggest Rueda ever danced in Slovenia. It was official and all… 122 registered people, meaning 61 couples, wearing colored ribbons, were rehearsing for a few weeks, synchronizing their Rueda knowledge and did it yesterday night at 23.30. The floor got too small of course, since innocent bystanders got really curious of what people are doing in the middle of Ljubljana and wanted to come closer 🙂 Here’s the first raw footage from yesterdays record braking 🙂

The Rueda was danced on regular Thursday night party, which is organized by BU-BA, sports and recreation center and Salsoteca, the first salsa dance school in Slovenia.


Where were you on 29th?

March 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Do you know anybody with birthday on that day? I don’t, but I wish a happy one to all who celebrated yesterday. 🙂
Otherwise, some people went to salsa party in Bolero yesterday. The organizers promise this party will take place each last Friday of the month from now on. Unfortunatelly, I still didn’t find a time to go there (shame on me I know), but I know there are a few qualities, that should bring people on the party. First, there are always some shows and animations on the party, and second, for some even more important, there’s NO ENTRANCE FEE! 🙂 Salseros get to dance on a big dance-floor and drink fresh cocktails from the cocktail bar. Yesterday, on the day that comes only once in 4 years, there were two performances – a hiphop and a swing routine.

Our new aeroholic center

January 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

The majority probably knows I’m sort of a maniac when it comes to dancing and aerobics. My first fascination with aerobic classes started in Fit&fun studio, where I spent a couple of hours per day. Later on they decided to educate me for one of their instructors which was a priceless experience. I gave (and still do) aerobic classes in Bu-Ba as well, where I already experienced some memorable moments with my students, especially on latino classes.
Last summer came an upsetting news, that Fit&fun is closing it’s door, which left numerous students and instructors confused, thinking what to do now. The instructor’s team (which is famous for it’s top quality and great internal relations) decided to stick together and move to another location.
And so it happened!! In the last days of the year 2007 we opened a whole new place … bigger and better… and named it Fit&fun center. The place is great, with 3 big halls, fitness, small bar at the entrance and a big sauna area still to come. The center is located in the heart of Ljubljana, under one of our most famous buildings – Metalka. All classes and fitness visits are free of charge until 17th of January 2008. Next Thursday we prepare a special grand opening. Information on schedule are available on temporary website of the center. Hope to see you there some time.  🙂

Aerobic and dancing hall in Metalka

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