Magna Gopal nad Anderson Mender – a yes yes show!!

March 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

After seeing 20-so salsa shows, you get a feeling, you’ve seen it all. They are pretty much the same, some solo footwork on piano notes, some crazy spins, a drop or two and to stand out, you should do some acrobatics. When the era of latin jazz shows started I was releived, because that was what I call dancing and interpreting music. But when I saw this clip I thought, ok, there is hope for classical salsa-music-shows as well! Wow, wow, wow Magna and Anderson! I am impressed! There are some never seen tricks, different approach to a salsa show, GREAT usage of the floor, not to mention the timings, synchronisation… And I kinda doubt that they’ve practiced this for a year… 😉
Enjoy it!


Mano the movie

February 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

In my interview with Magna Gopal, we already heard she was doing a movie. And the movie is out now. 24 min short movie about salsa. It’s interesting to hear that salsa made it on a big screen, though it wouldn’t be fair to say it’s the first-one. There were a couple of movies aleady which included salsa, it’s soul, life and energy. This movie is an award winning peace though, so I would love to see it. I’m just not sure if I would donate to a movie to see it. I know how hard it is to make it in a salsa world, or how the rights are being violated constantly with all the downloading possibilities… but to pay to see a movie in a cinema is one thing, to pay to see a 24-minute movie on home computer… naah… not sure about it. We all know that salsa has never by now been profitable, so why set oneself such a high goal. 😉 But ok, we’ll see… maybe I’ll change my mind and donate for it. Though I want to hear a few positive critics first. 🙂
This is the official trailer of the movie… Yes, you can recognize that’s Magna dancing… 🙂

Magna Gopal – the crazy little Indian girl

September 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Probably one of the greatest international salsa instructors, Magna Gopal, will be visiting Slovenia in the month of October for the 6th Salsa Power Festival. Her graceful dancing and great methodology skills have so far enlightened so many people. It’s only fair to say I was one of those people, who felt a big break-through, while first seeing Magna dance, perform or even better – teach. She found a couple of free minutes to present herself to Slovenian audience, so enjoy these interview and get inspired by this magnificent Indian angel. 🙂


1. Magna, I know this is the most common question you get, but many people here might not know much about your background. Your origin seems to be Indian, yet you lived in Canada and now in the US of A? Is New York your final location or do you see yourself moving somewhere else – maybe back home?

Hi Irena. Yes it’s a common question. I was born in New Delhi, India and moved to Toronto, Canada with my family when I was 6 years old and finally moved to the USA 3 years ago. I actually live in NJ but close enough to NY to say NY…hehehe. NY is my current location but definitely not my final. I’m still exploring the world and you never know what part will steal my heart. As for moving back home to India (not likely) and back to Canada (it’s possible but really not in my plans).


2. You know, on previous festivals we already saw some instructors with Indian roots (like Neeraj, Mario etc.). I always thought Cubans are the ones who are born with the right feel for salsa, but you guys seem to master that even better. 🙂 How come?

I don’t think it always boils down to your ethnicity when it comes to “having the right feel for salsa.” There are many Latin Americans that have a feel for the music and moving but not necessarily for the dance itself. I think it’s part passion and understanding your body. I love the music and the dance and I was really determined to get it and luckily I have a good sense of rhythm so it all pieced together nicely.

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