Boat and pool party

August 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

This was one hell of a weekend, characterized by salsa and water. Salsa on the water, salsa by the water, salsa in the water, … wherever you can imagine it. 🙂 Salsa Adriatica, a traditional yearly event on the boat, got accompanied by a pool party this year. And speaking from a personal point of view, the pool party was even better than the boat party. Both were great of course. 🙂

This is not like a typical salsa festival, because there are no classes… just fun, parties, dancing, swimming, laughing,… What could you see on this year’s Salsa Adriatica:
– beautiful weather during the day, and the stormiest storm ever in the night 
– rocky boat
– dizzy feeling in the evening (still feeling like dancing on the boat)
– pole dancing on the boat by Andrej Blatnik and some Italian brave-guys
– slippery floor by the pool (yes I fell, so what?!)
– blistered feet after the pool party
– great, fun animations by Leon and Martina
– rueda around the pool
– bachata train … with turns!
– a loooot of water splashing

And if you were with us in the apartment you witnessed:
– almost no sleep
– a lot of sleeping rooms, yet still squeezing on 2 beds only
– bottles nicely tucked in bed
– frozen drinks
– snoring!
– moskquito bites
– pancake cravings!!
– hill burger at 5am
– …

To cut a long story short – see some photos as well 🙂 🙂 And do not miss it next year!


Salsa Adriatica 2008

August 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

The summer time is not as busy with parties as one would want to, but there are some which fall in the category of “It would be a sin to miss them”. The one that combines salsa, sailing, swimming and sunbathing sure fits there. It’s called Salsa Adriatica and takes place on the weekend of 22nd to 24th of August 2008. What does the weekend consist of? Let’s see:
– Friday night welcome party
– Salsa boat party on Saturday: sailing on a boat, dancing on the deck, stop&swim brakes, eating and drinking, live DJing, dancing, dancing, dancing…
– Saturday gala party with some shows and all that
– Sunday pool party from 3pm till 8pm: dancing by the pool, swimming, pool games, animation, live DJing, dancing, dancing, dancing…
– Sunday evening farewell party

You know what I love most about this parties – that you don’t have to wear makeup, high heels, pretty outfits… All you need is a comfy bathing suit, sunglasses and suncreme. And then you just dance, dance, dance… 🙂 🙂

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