Nike convention 2011

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I did manage to attend this years Nike aerobic convention. It was 15th in a row and it is only fair to say it has outgrown itself in this 15 years. The venue was packed, the instructors wisely chosen as always, everything was perfect. The only negative side was probably the morning delay (only guessing), cause 900 people showed up at the same time and the door were probably to small to let them in all at once 😉 But luckily I wasn’t there in the morning, so for me everything was flawless.
Being 3 months after birth I did experience, what I was most afraid off. My shape has crashed the ground. A year ago I was on my peak probably, but now I’m starting from scratch. Which obviously means I can only go up. So the motivation is here, all I need now is time 😉
Thank you Nike for another great experience, for bringing Tony Stone, Tom Wall, Nikkie Riozzi and others to Slovenia again. Can’t wait for the next year. 🙂


5th Salsa Power Festival

October 16, 2008 § 2 Comments

Well, what’s there to say… With a few-days delay I can slowly start gathering my impressions. It was simply superb! From parties, to classes, to socializing … Thanx to all that came and made my weekend! 🙂
To start with, I guess it’s most appropriate to say Dulce Locura premiered their new show. We worked our asses and will of course keep improving it ;)… but this time we finally came out with salsa… or salsa musicality… whichever you want. Here’s the clip:

Now, let’s sum up the best classes, shows etc.:
– Supermario and Susana Montero were sold out of course (meaning their classes were full) … and completely justified, cause they have the best teaching methods, great ideas and most of all amazing energy!
– Orville and Sabrina did some crazy tricks, the master class was too challenging even to the best social dancers on the scene!!
– Loved Nemanja’s classes,… I mostly respect people who know a lot of dance theory, present it in an entertaining way and make you understand the dance. And I did the son!! Yeeey… (thank you, thank you) 🙂
– Israel was in his own element, giving fun workout classes 😉
– The most spectacular shows of course were form Salsation group. That is showmaking… Entertaining, synchronized,.. simply WOW!
– We saw some premiers as well, from Dado and Conny (putting a show together in two weeks – hat down), Talal and Maria (Talal doing a partnerwork show,… nice, nice.. :))… The belly dancers were hot and sexy of course..
– We also had the two World championship qualifiers: Evgeni&Lili and Gil&Anke… You can see they train and work hard. Both are very explosive, tight, musical, have the attitude, really great. We’ll be crossing fingers for you guys… and congratulations for the qualifications. Many may not know, but that is really hard to win!
– Oh, let’s not forget: the DJs were great! Good music selection… the Indian people even got some bachata 😉


4 on 4… instructors vs. organizers.. poor Gil! 😉

Side-effects of the festival:

– … besides being burned out, blistered and heavenly happy 🙂 …
– The myth is confirmed: Sunday night parties ARE the best!! Why? Hm,.. maybe cause instructors totally relax, act like kids and all,… cause everybody is warmed up, has improved its dancing and cause we all just want to catch the last moments of the weekend.
– We missed salseros and fans on Friday night party, … Saturday was packed though!
– Apparently the food in Slovenia is shitty and the safest food is McDonald’s… right….
– I wasn’t able to attend the afterparty (everyone has his limits I guess), but I heard it was good .. lasted till 7am! Crazy people.

For everything else, the aftermovie shall be made. Don’t miss it. Cause I have a feeling it might be fun! 😉 And if you missed the festival this year, don’t do the same mistake next year. October 2009, here we come!

The biggest Rueda in Slovenia

August 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

In this Olympic era, winning 5 some-unexpected medals, the dancing has been served as well. It was done in a true team spirit, with goals and records to brake.  We broke national Rueda record!! Yeeey! 😉  🙂
Rueda de Casino is an entertaining way of salsa group dancing. It is danced in a circle and characterized by constant changing of partners and extreme fun. Yesterday night Slovenian salseros joined together and danced the biggest Rueda ever danced in Slovenia. It was official and all… 122 registered people, meaning 61 couples, wearing colored ribbons, were rehearsing for a few weeks, synchronizing their Rueda knowledge and did it yesterday night at 23.30. The floor got too small of course, since innocent bystanders got really curious of what people are doing in the middle of Ljubljana and wanted to come closer 🙂 Here’s the first raw footage from yesterdays record braking 🙂

The Rueda was danced on regular Thursday night party, which is organized by BU-BA, sports and recreation center and Salsoteca, the first salsa dance school in Slovenia.

I loooooooved it!

March 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

Well, what can I say? Once again Nike has fulfilled all my desires. 🙂 Ok, I’m not gonna overreact. But I don’t think any other event can top the excitement and classes that appear there. I’m totally amazed by myself, that I manage to do almost all classes and than still give class the next day. I think there’s a name for our kind of people… something ending on ***cholic?
If you imagine a typical salsa event, multiply the intensity of classes by 250 and take away the parties (because most people really don’t have the energy to drink and dance than all night.. with exceptions of course). But there are still top world teachers, great energy, fun, excitement, meeting people, … I must say it was really great seeing old friends again (love ya Charlie and Nikkie :)) and it was even more spectacular to attend Tony Stone’s classes. That’s simply just phenomenal! I don’t know which words could describe him better. But I’m not taking anything away from aerobic classes. No, Steve Boedt and Rebecca Small – all my respect to them!! I could not believe the amount of energy Steve left during his classes (and all the things he did along with teaching.. just crazy). And Rebecca,… she’s a pro. That can be seen up from the sky or 2.000 miles away. But even she did not expect Slovenian people are so crazy. At the very last class of the two-day convention, we wanted more!! She was about to finish the class, but we wouldn’t let her. The girl just laid on the floor and said “give me 2 minutes!” We did the routine once more and I must say that was one of my favorite classes this weekend.
But not the only one – my top classes:
– Nikkie Riozzi’s hiphop with her great methodology, creative moves and fun fun fun 🙂
– Tony Stone (hm, which one?) – well I did the Sunday’s first class best so I’ll pick that one (others were more difficult)
– Steve Boedt hi-lo: WOW man, cool choreography but what an energy?!!
– Rebecca Small Aero groove .. like I said – we did not want to stop, despite all the blisters on our feet!

That’s the short version of a long weekend. Of course there was a whole bunch of other instructors as well. I have to complement Geršak as well, others I unfortunately didn’t see.
There a few negative critiques though – the first day started with a 45 minute delay – that’s really not acceptable and I don’t think the mics were set properly (this could be my prefessional deformation speaking, but it has to be mentioned). About those intro shows or warmups.. hmm.. I decided to forget about them asap. 😉

Here are some photos, gathered by me, Charlie and Nikkie.

Nike :)

Where were you on 29th?

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Do you know anybody with birthday on that day? I don’t, but I wish a happy one to all who celebrated yesterday. 🙂
Otherwise, some people went to salsa party in Bolero yesterday. The organizers promise this party will take place each last Friday of the month from now on. Unfortunatelly, I still didn’t find a time to go there (shame on me I know), but I know there are a few qualities, that should bring people on the party. First, there are always some shows and animations on the party, and second, for some even more important, there’s NO ENTRANCE FEE! 🙂 Salseros get to dance on a big dance-floor and drink fresh cocktails from the cocktail bar. Yesterday, on the day that comes only once in 4 years, there were two performances – a hiphop and a swing routine.

In memorium to Janez Drnovšek

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Dreaming at eve, when the bright sunset glow
Is gilding the clouds in the west.
Dreaming of those gone before, yet we know

They are safe in the arms of the blest.

Why dream and mourn for the friends that are gone,
When we know they are free from all pain.
Why not press on toward the goal they have won
Hoping sometime to meet them again.

Ring the bell gently in memory of him
May its tones guide the erring ones here.
To help to pursue the good work he began.
And each and all find a welcome far and near.

 Janez Drnovšek

At only 58 years of age one of our greatest politicians has passed away. He left some memorable achievements throughout the history of our young country, and even before when Slovenia was still a part of former Yugoslavia. With his PhD in economics he didn’t really want to become a politician, but everybody else wanted that. In all good work he made as a premier and president of Slovenia, he managed to bring the warmer, more human-like side out as well. Unfortunately his disease took away more successful years he might have had in front of him. In his last years he turned into a completely different person, helping people in material and spiritual way. Peace and good is what all people need, were his last words, published on the official webpage of his humanitarian organization Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj (Rights and development movement).

He was a great person.

Deepest condolences to his loved ones.

The Colin McRae feeling

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“Isn’t it ironic,” Alanis Morissette would say… It’s carnival time, Pust as we call it, who is suppose to chase away the winter… and yet, I saw my first this season’s snow yesterday, right on the carnival Saturday. A lot of snow I must say, as you can see from the photo. Thank God our driver had the winter equipment, otherwise we could never come up that hill. If we went a little faster I would probably feel like Colin McRae… Dancing all over the road. We couldn’t go that fast of course, because there was simply too much snow on the road.  

Snow in Slovenia

But I must admit the feeling was AMAZING. The beauty of the white, the peacefull quiet, the power of mother nature. 🙂

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