The UK version of SYTYCD

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I never finished writing about the end of the 6th season of US version of So you think you can dance show. I guess I was left a little bit dissapointed. In 5th season the finale was really grand and peeked at the right moment. Even than I noticed some flaws of going live, but that didn’t prevail. On the contrary, this year’s finale was a complete failure to me. Such a huge difference between live and pretaped part of the show. The live part really sucked, there was a lot of empty quiet moments, camera searching, not to mention the non-mic part. Even the drama of the results was worse than last year. Ok, I was among those people who wanted to see the married couple perform together as well, but it was all just a little bit too expected. I knew who the winner will be etc. etc. It was still worth seeing, but I guess it’s hard to please me after seeing all seasons by now.
So I took a little break from the show and watched a couple of Episodes of Dancing with the Stars, which was cool… but that’s not something I would be eager to see each week. It was a weekend mission for me and I was disappointed at the end, seeing the winner, who did not deserve to win.. He was a nice guy and all, but miles behind the best dancer there.
So now, I’m back to SYTYCD fever. I heard the UK version started and that sounds promising. A bit fresher, with new choreographers, so let’s see what happens. Nigel Lythgoe and Cat Deeley are the British people, who invaded America, developed the show there and now brought it back home. So, considering they come from here, I assume they might give some effort into making the show worthwhile.
I also just found out (via Facebook.. hehe) that Susana Montero is cooperating with the show, making a salsa routine, which excites me very much. I’m looking forward to seeing that, because I always found it frustrating that the salsa routines were made very ballroom like… Hopefully, this time we’ll see salsa with the right feeling :). So people, enjoy the So you think you can dance UK. The auditions presented some spectacular dancers. Let’s if they live up to our expectations πŸ˜‰
Damn, I sound harsh… but that’s what blogging is all about, right πŸ˜‰


The dreadful salsa on SYTYCD

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I’m sorry to say so, but yes, the salsa that Mollee and Nathan performed was absolutely dreadful! Horrible, feelingless, sexyless, hotless, musicless, hopeless. I know very well Mollee is Adam’s favorite and I was astonished seeing them dance up untill this week. They have great technique and did some good performances by now… but salsa was faaaaaaaaaaaar away from that. My guess is, that proves two things:
– first, it’s not easy to learn salsa in 3 days, get the right feel and motion of it
– second, you got to be a mature person to really get it

I think it really showed that this guys are just to young for the show. Because we often hear the dancers need to show a certain amount of maturity, but these two really don’t. They’re cute and adorable, which shouldn’t really work here.

But to my great surprise, shock almost, they got through! They got through without bottom 3! That was completely unfair. They fairly deserved that bottom position this week, everybody thought so, but what do you know… the teenagers are the main voters of the show… and they like them… or him. Eh… not fair. I’m still not liking this season so much. I think it’s fair to say it’s not as good as the previous was. But there’s still time for improvement πŸ™‚

I’m not sure if it’s worth showing this.. but maybe, just to see what I really mean by the above description: πŸ˜‰

I liked the disco, contemporary and african jazz routines though. Especially the latter!! Awesome stuff:

Is SYTYCD becoming a reality pageant?

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Finally I’m up to date with 6th season of So you think you can dance (the US version). It blew me away when I saw the first show, when Top 20 performed in their own styles. It was hard to imagine the quality could get even better and that this quality can be versitile as well. What makes the show so extraordinary this year though is the Kodak theatre. I was blown away at last season’s finale, but this time the wholeΒ season is shot there! OMG! It really is an OMG for an event manager by proffesion πŸ™‚ I can only dream of making an eventΒ in this kind of studio, with that kind of equipment, with every weeks trailers, huge displays, lighting and ecellent directing of all. This people really know how to make a show, so it always looks extravagant. Just look at this clip:

I know the dancers and choreography are good, but did you see the disco lights and that pointed black&white image at the very end?! Chicken skin all over… πŸ™‚

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I’m pleased, yes I am

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Jeanine Mason. The little cuty, the great technician, great energy, a little sparkly spark, which was (in my opinion) a little bit fancied by Lil C. Β πŸ˜‰ I was on the edge, cause the finale week of SYTYCD was also my vacation week. So I had to wait a couple of days to see the show and results, but I think justice was served. As much as it was posible I guess. It’s completely hard to say who really really deserved the title, but the goal was to find the favourite dancer not the best dancer. So in that regard I understand why Evan made it all the way to the finale and I agree Jeanine was the best of the best. Brandon was equally good, but Jeanine peeked right at the end and got a hold of a lot of hearts. I think Evan and Brandon did that earlier already (Evan with the judgmentes on his looks and Brandon with the ‘strict’ Mia story), so their time already passed, but Jeanine came out right at the end. Her last performances were just briliant. Along with some others. If you just look at how many dances she had to dance in the last show – one could say she had the highest number of best routines. And she really could do any style. In this show she appeared like a great personality, which can only be added to other qualities. Here’s one of her first interviews after the victory:

There was not much said about her health issues. The last year and a half wasn’t nice to her, but look at where she is now πŸ™‚ I’m happy this wasn’t stressed too much, so it would play on the simpathy achords of the audience. She really won the titlewith her dancing.
It’s only fair to say Kayla was equally good dancer. My god, where those legs went sometimes. But I feel, she was missing the personality and warmth factor. She was dancing in her own world, loving that world, loving exploring and learning new things and growing within herself. Nobody could deny her quality, she is simply superb, but she didn’t manage to catch the hearts. She did not dance to the audience. Jeanine made the connection with them better than Kayla. It’s a small thing I guess, but obviously very significant, when quality of dancing gets so high. Congrats to Jeanine!! She was my favorite too. But the whole top 20 can dance. No doubt about it…

Otherwise… The Kodak theatre. Dear lord. I can only dream and wish to make an event like that sometime. It was huuuuge and looked veeeery expensive. πŸ˜‰

So who do I think can dance?

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Before I go and see the elimination round I want to speak about this top 6 dancers of sytycd. They are all really just brilliant. I can’t believe how good they all are. I think they are so good, they lifted our expectations to an unimaginable level. Noone really thinks that someone could mess up a routine anymore (which, let’s admit, would be completely human) or that someone can’t get a different style of dance in just a couple of hours. That seems a bit cruel. But how else can we decide on who is the best of the best. Nigel is right (again), we started judging them on choreography and that’s because they all dance everything they are given flawless. And we start picking on small things or their outlook. Really, how cruel is that?!

Bottom line, they are all brilliant. And I do not know who to pick:
Ade: the gentle giant; perfect technique; seems like a great personality; obviously an incredible partner, which all girls trust completely.
Brandon: has anyone ever got a standing ovation for a solo? I don’t think so. He was misinterpreted in the beginning but he is an INCREDIBLE dancer! Such strength, such technique, such devotion. Veeery powerful dancer.
Evan: hehe, he’s very unique. I didn’t like him in the first few shows. Though he did good, he kinda didn’t match all others. But I think he grew as a dancer and people got to like him. He is more of a Benji type of dancer, not as flawless or universal, but has a great personality.
Kayla: no need to say – that girl does EVERYTHING perfect. Damn… really beautiful lines, strong, though she looks tiny and very Barbylike look (but in a good way).
Jeanine: little fire of sparks (whatever that could mean). She is hot, she is cute, she is strong, she is universal, I think LilC really fancies her ;). Well I already proclaimed her as my favorite once, so that probably says it all.
Melissa: I loooove her. And the best of her qualities, which noone else poseses is her maturity. All dancers in this competition are usually young, but she is mature, she understands the world and life and that can be seen on the dancefloor. Obviously the ballet gave her all she needs fo to be qualified as a perfect dancer.

Who to pick? I still don’t know. I somehow wish it would be a girl this year. Cause I kinda think the girls stand out more this year. If I had to choose among guys, I guess it would be Brandon. But among girls.. phew.. It’s a hard one. Kayla is missing something in personality part, but she is such a quality dancer it makes up for that. Jeanine is so cute and energetic, hot and sexy, and good. And Melissa. Well, honestly I would like her to win, but I’m afraid I could ei a bit biased, because that Tyce’s routine really became memorable, so it could influence my decision (which it shouldn’t).

I don’t know.. help me out πŸ™‚ Can they all win? Please.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Brilliant dance about the breast cancer

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It’s hard even to title the article this way. But I was encouraged and glad somebody spoke out loud about that… even through dance! Emotions definitely stole last night. To make a routine about breast cancer is not something that anyone could or would want to do. It’s a very sensitive subject, so if you go and decide do it, you better do it well. You can’t do such a sensitive subject and ruin it by bad interpretation or dancing. So it’s very responsible and very hard to do. But when it’s done well, then it steals the night. I agreed with Nigel, the first half of last night performance show of Top 8 dancers on So you think you can dance reality show, was a little under our expectations (a lot of ballroom I guess, with no easy routines!!). But the second half met all of our expectations. The peek of all being Tyce Diorio‘s contemporary peace… very touching, very emotional, very real, very well danced and very well remembered. We’re used to see Tyce do Broadway or jazz routines. Only few times he did contemporary. But when he did it, he got an Emmy nomination πŸ™‚ (that was the “Why” routine, performed by Allison and Ivan in the Season 2).
I think he always makes us cry when he does a contemporary peace. Yesterday Mellisa and Ade played the role of a woman suffering from breast cancer and her friend trying to help her and be beside her at any time. It was so heart-breaking and really just so real! The dancing spoke about the pain and the struggle of this woman and her friend feeling helpless, yet trying to be there whenever he could do something. So Ade was catching her, holding her, lifting her, encouraging her and being the best friend possible. Mellisa knew she was not alone, yet she also knew she was fighting an almost lost battle. What a strong message that was. And everything was topped with the outfits. Mellisa’s covered head and pale colours of the plain dress. I was in tears, Nigel had to turn around and weep, Mia broke down remembering her father, the entire audience was in tears, including the storyteller, Tyce Diorio.
I respect and encourage that this kind of themes get a place in the dancing routines.
We can’t even imagine how many people suffer from this pain and struggle to extend their lives. And how many people suffer and morn with them. It’s cruel, yet it’s a part of our lives as well. I know there’s many of you out there, but I would personally like to dedicate this article, this thoughts and the brilliant routine to two of my very dear friends Janja and Mojca. I know you’ll be in a flood of tears watching this routine, but the purpose is not to make you cry , it’s to let you know there’s a lot of Ades out there. I know, you know and feel that, so let this routine bring you warmth, nice memories and courage. Both girls are angels on this world and it’s not fair what they had to go through. But it certainly shows, they got out stronger and with such a human touch, that barely anyone can possess. I love you girls. This is a story about the beautiful world that still surrounds you and of nice memories which can always fill your heart and soul. You are angels on this planet and you have angels up there…

Since embedding of this clips usually doesn’t work, you might not be able to play it from this blog. Click here to see the clip on Youtube.

Like Melissa very well put it, this was not about them and their technique… no one could judge that.. It was unquestionably good, but the story was stronger. So I will skip the judging comments this time and not comment on any other routines. All Top 8 dancers are brilliant, but last night one thing really stood out – and that was the message. I am thankful that the dance is being used as a great tool of storytelling. Thank you Tyce for this.

I have my favorite!!!

July 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

I had a lot of doubts lately, regarding who could my favorite America’s dancer on So you think you can dance reality show be. Actually it was sort of a sweet decision to make, cause there are just numerous talents there this year, it’s unbelivable. Last week I was hesitating, thinking weather Kayla or Janette are the best, or should it be Melissa… But this week I’m certain it’s Jeanine. That girl is sooooo good, such a big talent, great technician, great spirit, cuty… just the best. I think she reminds me of Allison from season 2 a bit. She was the same talent and personality, but went out a bit unnoticed. She was too brilliant I think. And so is this girl Jeanine. I love watching her dance and it is so true, that Philip was holding her back a bit. They were still good, but this time, with Jason… OMG!!! It was perfect! Very difficult and yet superb dancing! I would vote for her if I could! I don’t know why they have too kiss at the end of almost each dance, but I’ll let it be πŸ™‚ They danced like king and queen of the dancefloor.
In that regard Travis Wall was the master of storytelling. Trully – this was a great surprise in the first place (when he was announced as the new choreographer of the show) and even greater when the dance was danced. He made a choreographie which was in Mia’s style I dare to say. This was a huge break-through for him and I think he seezed it in the best way possible. But it is true that he had the best two dancers to work with, both coincidentaly with contemporary background. So the brilliance was only bettered by them (like Nigel very well put it).Β  So Travis became the new star and Jeanine my favorite dancer. Cause it wasn’t just this routine that stole the night, it was her solo as well. Great choice of music and great interpretation of it. Loved it!

Otherwise, this wasn’t the only good routine of the night. But it was the best in my opinion. For the first time top 5 girls and top 5 boys performed together as well. The Bollywood routine was good (though I’ve seen better) and the guys routine – Jesus, that was some physical work!! The african dance premiered on that stage and boy o boy, it looked tough πŸ™‚
I have to see the results show now, but somehow I have a feeling Kupono and Randi will be leaving us. They are good, just not as good as all the others anymore. Evan is getting weak as well, but his apperance in the african dance was so funny the audience might give him another credit πŸ™‚

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